Wealth Accumulation

Wealth Accumulation

Building for your future

One of the popular myths amongst those who should be seeking financial advice is that "I don't need a financial planner, I don't have any money!"

Think about that statement! Is it because there has been no plan in place, no forethought to the future that there is no money?

There are many facets of a financial plan including aspects covered on this site. They are debt reduction, wealth protection, superannuation strategies, investment advice and tax minimization. If you haven't considered these topics collectively it is probably time you did! After all they all impact on your financial well being.

It is frustrating to see advertising on television particularly espousing the benefits of industry superannuation funds and their lower fees. It promotes the false sense of security that if you have your superannuation in an industry fund you are immediately better off. It implies that fees paid for advice are unnecessary. Nothing is further from the truth!

If you are looking to accumulate wealth either within or outside of your superannuation you should seek advice.

You may seek to utilize assets already held to further increase your personal wealth through gearing into shares, property or managed funds. The first thing you need to establish is whether it is affordable or not. Future modeling is crucial to making informed decisions.

At Financial & Investor Management we can construct a workable plan to ensure that you use your financial resources are utilized for maximum gain.

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