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Your super pay rise

Your super guarantee payments are just about to increase — and that's not the only reason super is still a smart investment. We can help you make the most of super to create more wealth, with these smart strategies.

With world markets creating a serious amount of uncertainty for investors at present and the jitters in the Eurozone and the United States the past 12 months have been tough for those accumulating their retirement savings in superannuation.

At Financial & Investor Management we have had a lot of feedback from those contributing to their super that they no longer believe in super and they would be better off investing their money ”in the bank“. It's a popular misconception.

A cash account will remove volatility but can be utilized within the superannuation environment. All superannuation plans are simply a tax effective structure and can invest wherever they like in reality so it makes no sense to transfer out of super in most cases.

Investors need to have features in the superannuation which enables them to move their asset allocation around to suit their risk profile so choice of funds is important. Ideally there should be a good spread between cash, Australian Shares, International Shares, Fixed Interest and property. The relative proportions of each asset would normally be directed by the investors comfort levels in areas such as volatility, performance, age, tax treatment and risk tolerance.

At Financial & Investor Management a comprehensive risk profile is constructed for each individual, after all we're all different, and then an investment strategy is investigated and constructed to best suit each individual. Preferably investors should have the ability to change their asset allocation and this should be available at no cost. Our approved list of products and fund managers provides this facility and researched constantly through our Licensee, Apogee Financial Planning Ltd.

Superannuation reviews are an important part of the service as markets are constantly changing and investors risk profiles also change. An accumulator at age 35 has very different views to an accumulator approaching retirement and their risk profile needs to reflect that and subsequently their asset allocation.

Financial & Investor Management can review your current superannuation to ensure it matches your risk profile. You may wish to consolidate a number of plans you have gathered over the years from various changes in employment. You may also look to investigate different benefits available within superannuation such as incorporating your life cover into your super or whether a protected guarantee on your funds is appropriate to your needs.

Can you retire when you want to? With enough money to enjoy life as you imagined it? The calculator below can help you:

  • estimate how long your assets at retirement will last
  • see whether you have enough money to cover living and other expenses each year
  • see how different decisions may affect your retirement income.

Superannuation Simulator Calculator

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