Investment Advice

Investment Advice

With so many investment options, how do I know what is going to suit my needs?

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No doubt you have chin wagged around the BBQ on a Sunday afternoon with friends and heard tales off the good fortune of a mate of a mate who has made a killing in shares/property and is an investment genius. Fact remains that there are those that have "got lucky" and done very well but the fact remains they are few and far between.

Recently world markets have oscillated after the GFC and continued pressure on the Euro zone has continued to affect confidence worldwide. The banking disaster in the USA that has filtered through to Europe continues dominate investment returns and although Australia has been relatively unscathed the banking defaults have placed enormous pressure on property prices in Australia. World communication very much promotes a world economy so no country is immune from what happens elsewhere completely.

There has been a flight to cash and investors have put the "handbrake" on spending and investing generally preferring to repay debt rather than borrow further.

This is occurring at both individual and corporate levels but this doesn't mean that profits cannot be made. Sure, capital growth has been affected but there is still room for undervalued companies to provide decent dividend returns.

The impact of the proposed FoFA reforms will have little effect on preventing another Storm, Opus Prime or Westpoint fiasco so what should potential investors look for when seeking advice? These reforms are not going to provide the protection supposedly initiating their introduction. In fact, under the proposed changes the listed fiascos would still be possible. The major outcome of the changes will make obtaining advice financially out of reach for the average investor and drive the "average Joe" into the institutions for low cost generic advice. Industry Funds and the banks are the big winners. The individual seeking quality, independent advice is the big loser.

So, back to what an investor should look for when seeking investment advice? At Financial & Investor Management we believe there should be checks and balances to ensure that the investment portfolio recommended matches the client risk profile individually. There should be sufficient flexibility to be able to shift with market changes and investment attitudes. Realistically, markets fluctuate but also, your individual comfort levels fluctuate along with them. Future predictions are dangerous but there is one prediction that cannot be argued with. The markets will recover! When is the issue!

If you are uncertain about what type of investing is right for you and the structure that will best suit your needs we can provide the answer. This can be done online, over the phone or person to person but no two strategies are the same. For an obligation free assessment contact us at

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