Debt Management

Effective Debt Management

Control your finances, don't let your finances control you!

Debt management is an integral part of any financial plan and there’s no area where this is more relevant than when purchasing a property. The great Australian dream of owning your own home is a fantastic investment but, in most cases, it may come at a price. In the past few years housing prices have skyrocketed before flattening somewhat over the past 12 months. The escalation in housing prices has affected first-time homebuyers most heavily. It has been made increasingly difficult for younger people to buy a home and realise the great Australian dream.

At Financial & Investment Management we provide extensive advice and debt management to ensure that purchasing a property is a possibility for first-time homebuyers. Our team of experts can help keep your interest costs at a minimum through cheap rates and loan flexibility. Having a flexible loan gives you the opportunity to take advantage of certain strategies that are important for proficient debt management. These strategies include reducing the term of your loan and using your financial resources efficiently.

We also recommend debt consolidation to rid yourself of excessive interest rates paid on credit cards and personal loans.

If you find yourself drowning in debt it may be time to seek advice from Financial & Investor Management. Our debt management team can advise you on how to best structure your debt resulting in an improved cash flow, giving you space to breathe. Few people budget and monitor their spending, even though it can be a great start to becoming debt free.

At Financial & Investor Management we can conduct a detailed analysis of your current financial position and construct an efficient debt management strategy to save you money on future interest bills.

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