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Financial & Investor Management has been providing financial planning services since 1984, specialising in aged care strategies since 2003. We understand that financial planning can be a long and complicated process, which is why we try to make it as simple as possible. One of our expert aged care financial planners will help ensure that the correct financial decisions are made, resulting in reduced fees and the maintenance of the maximum pension entitlement under Centrelink and DVA regulations.

In most cases, clients come to us for aged care assistance when there has been sudden change requiring an aged care placement. They are often out of their depth and have multiple questions to be answered, decisions to be made and forms to be completed. The most common consequence is uncertainty.

Common questions that arise when a loved one is to be placed in aged care are often:

  • What will the fees be?
  • Will the pension be affected?
  • Will we need to sell the house?
  • How much will an accommodation bond be?
  • What documents do I need to complete?
  • When do I need to advise Centrelink/DVA?
  • Can we rent the house?
  • Does the share portfolio affect things?
  • Can we keep the holiday house?

At Financial & Investor Management we remove the uncertainty and provide you with a clear aged care service. Our planners will help you choose the best course of action available and assist you along the way. Financial & Investor Management is dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible result if your loved one requires placement in permanent residential aged care.

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